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Inga Mccaslin Frick


202 302-7998



504 Caledonia St.

Santa Cruz, CA 95062

“You Can Have the Blue Pill or the Red Pill, and We’re Out of Blue Pills”

That was the title of a recent article co-authored by my hero Yuval Noah Harari warning of the dangers of artificial intelligence.  Harari draws a picture of human history driven by story in his must read best seller Sapiens.   He draws a picture of an AI future where stories are turned into weapons of mass destruction.

As a Jehovah’s witness I grew up with a hum dinger of a story.  This left me with a lifelong longing to escape from stories.  Which is, of course, impossible.  I tried physics.  Then art.

Playing with illusion is my way of unraveling stories.  I love the nether realm between one possibility and another; the hover between meanings; the contradictions.  Looking back on all of what I know of the universe and human relations leaves me hopelessly baffled and thwarted.   I wail of that wall of limitation.  And celebrate.   With open arms.




The stats:

I graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz and then went on for an MFA in painting from the University of Pennsylvania   I later earned a second MFA from the University of Maryland in digital media. My paintings were included in the Corcoran Museum's biannual survey of American painting in1993. Around that time I began to explore video installation together with Gillian Brown.  In 1999 we were awarded a fellowship from Harvard University, where we worked for a year on a technically and conceptually complex interactive video installation, Turnaround Time.  My formal art career ended in 2008 when my husband was severely brain damaged.  The next 13+ years were given to caregiving, first for my husband and then my mother.  I never stopped working on my art but I did stop showing.  Now I’m back.  Working full time and ready to boogie.

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